6 Profitable Freelance Writing Niche in 2020

6 Profitable Freelance Writing Niche in 2020

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By Sara Wilson | 2nd June, 2020

From our childhood, We all heard that God has created everyone with a specialty. Here the phase started where you discovered ourselves and you know that your specialty is writing and now you are stuck on the niche selection. There is a wide range of niches in this skill. In this article you will get to know the 6 profitable freelance writing niches in 2020. Some of them are low-paying and some are the most profitable. One should adapt his/her niche wisely to earn more.I’ll help you to find the most profitable niche for you in 2020.

But I would suggest you not to choose a niche randomly based on monthly income or earning potential. because one can never be good at anything or everything. 

In this blog, I am going to demonstrate the most trending writing niches for freelancers. So, Let’s get started.

What is the Freelance Writing Niche?

Specialization in a writing category is a freelance writing niche. Your writing niche is centered on fields like blog writing, copywriting, e-book writing, or more. 

You can pick a niche related to the field-specific topic like finance, cryptocurrency, or investment-related topics and medical or engineering topics in accordance with your field. 

To find a junction point among your passion and writing is extremely important. Firstly, the client will read the description you provided and he will make sure to check the niche you have. He orders the gig or service but you are not fluent in the niche you offered. You will definitely serve the client with the garbage and As a result, you will get a bad review. It means you failed. 

Thus this was a short story of you if you pick a niche randomly or only on the base of earning potential. 

You don’t need to be experienced in this stage and will gain it with the passage of time. Eventually, after years of freelance writing in a specific niche, you will be much experienced to call yourself an expert in the subject matter.

Profitable Freelance Writing Niches With Salaries

Even you are a beginner content writer there are some most profitable writing niches. If you are a failure then this blog is also for you because there is also room for improvement.

As a freelance writer, you are investing time and energy you want the fruit of your investment that’s why the selection of profitable writing niche is crucial.

Further, Make sure to give value to your interests and passion that leads to a successful career.

1. SEO Content Writing

SEO writer's laptop

SEO Content Writers are those who write SEO friendly content for the websites. SEO writings are important to recognize by search engines. The less we confuse the search engine the more chances will be to get ranked. Websites always need traffic SEO writings to help rank websites.

Though It can be some times difficult to find high paying clients in this niche but it can be easy for you if you are good at SEO.

 SEO content writing has a wonderful scope in the coming years. Hence everyone is trying to be digital in this modern era and everyone wants the SEO friendly content to optimize his website. So, Scope is progressing day by day.

Furthurmore, If you  wanna learn about SEO? Check out this What is SEO?

An experienced, Full-time SEO Content Writer can earn about $40,000 to $50,000. But I must say that a person can never earn this amount within a month or year. It will take a long time or hard work of years. If you are passionate then that is not a big deal for you.


2.Sales pages

Sales page or landing page writing is the most profitable freelance writing niche in 2020 Because online selling or advertising is developing frequently.

Entrepreneur or solopreneurs finds sales page writer to explain their product and services attractively. The writing must be persuasive through this a reader or customer can become the client. 

To be a sales page or landing page writer one must be good at copywriting because that writing will make or break the deal.

Experience isn’t mandatory However one can gain it with time or consistency.

A Copywriter can earn $35k_$45k per year and that is totally depending upon the skill set and expertise level.

3.Freelance Writing as Email Sequences

Email Marketing is one of the most important source of selling goods and services and That’s Why Email writing is the most profitable freelance writing niche.

Entrepreneurs often used to search a writer with better-copywriting skills and this email writing plays a role to generate sales.

freelance writer's Gmail

Here I’ll use a term Cold Emailing, which is a technique where one can scrap emails of the target audience from social media or Google. Emailing to that list who are searching relevant topics may generate sales or traffic.

Hence In the US the average salary is $51,395.

4.EBook Writing

The EBook industry makes more than $4 Billion in the US alone.

There is a huge scope of EBook writing with high-priced salaries. Writing an ebook consumes time and energy that’s why people hire freelancers mostly from freelance websites

ebook writing

Therefore, One can write short ebooks. The visitor can download the ebook by adding an email address. 


In addition, you can write ebooks and sales on Amazon kindle and it can your lifetime earning. 

The average earning of an ebook writer can be $10,000 per year if you work with consistency.


5.Technology Content



This appropriate niche is the most profitable freelance writing niche in 2020. And it is an evergreen niche.

Technology is updating on a daily basis so does the demands of the writers too. 


There are a lot of gigs on Fiverr in this niche. 


Let me give some examples

  • · Cryptocurrency
  • · All Gadgets news and updates
  • · Smartphones
  • · Accessories
  • · Information and communication tech

and so much under this topic.

Hence You just have to pick up the right thing for you. Choose the area you are good at or you are comfortable with.


So, One can earn $50,000 to $70,000 per year if you are immeasurable at the niche or extremely professional. 


6.Speech Writing



Speeches are a lot more than we think. All the politicians to CEO’s of universities require a speechwriter. This is the most demanding and high paying niche one must adapt if he has a grip on the language and good observation. If you have both qualities, You don’t need to think anything else.

There are a lot of gigs of Fiverr too.


Evidently, A median speechwriter can earn $71,850 Whereas the Lowest paid person can earn $55,500. And best paid $92,070 per year.

Additional High Paying Niches



Here are some more profitable high-paying niches that you can also adapt in 2020.

  • · Blog Post Writing
  • · Resume Writing
  • · Self Improvement
  • · SaaS Writing
  • · Pets 
  • · Personal Finance
  • · Health and Fitness
  • · Gaming and Movies




Undoubtedly, There are many more ways to earn money as a freelance writer. I just gave ideas by writing on the most trending niches you can accommodate. But this not the end of the book, This is the starting of a new album. Dig deeper to find the niche perfect for you. 

All the Best.


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